“These dances are acts of celebration. …Moving Visions Dance Theatre’s costumes are threadbare, the Bible interpreted through their eyes is not. Ross McKim has managed …with the help of the dancers to manufacture small oases of hope and beauty in a world filled with gall.”
Evening News (Edinburgh Festival)

“Eloquent dance staged with the utmost simplicity and admirably performed is the hallmark of Ross McKim’s Moving Visions Dance Theatre.”
KSW, The Daily Telegraph

“Old fashioned quality.”
John Percival, The Times

“…simple, finely controlled and effective choreography. …unerringly finds a choreography simplicity, a mature and intelligent understanding….”
Nicholas Dromgoole, The Sunday Telegraph

“Spiritually uplifting whatever your religious persuasion. …The pieces move emotionally as well as physically. …[the work is] all the more powerful in its simplicity, honesty, humility and fervour.”
Stephanie Ferguson, Yorkshire Post

“[the work] depends heavily on the kind of dancers who are capable of giving themselves up completely to their choreography at a gut level…. …in its very simplicity of line and statement if frequently had the crystal poignancy of a Hemingway sentence or a painting by Cezanne.”
Wayne Edmonston, Vancouver Sun

“…choreography which is fluid …appealing …a dance primer in storytelling …charmed by this use of dance in an almost medieval illustrative fashion.”
Susan Merton, Vancouver Province

“…this beautiful piece. …Sadness and anger, the futility of death and the hope of eternity are cleverly expressed in powerfully sensitive solo and duo dances.”
Brian Copper, The Stage.

“What happened in the dance, however, lifted us further beyond ourselves…. It was powerful, disturbing, inspiring and beautiful….”
Gilly Myers, Praxis.

“A refreshing range of bodies and sizes allows individuality to shine through from within the unity of the group. The work eloquently expresses spiritual desire.”
Claire Henderson, The Tablet.