Ross McKim MA Phd NBS (IDP)


Born in Saranak Lake in the state of New York in 1949 McKim is a Canadian born of Canadian parents. He began dance training at the age of thirteen in Vancouver entering the Royal Ballet School in London, with the help of an award from the Canada Council for the Arts, at sixteen. Judged first in his class during his first term at the Royal Ballet School he left before the end of his second. Study continued in London with Katie Crofton; formerly a soloist with Anna Pavlova.

He travelled to Denmark to study with Eric Bruhn perhaps the most accomplished dancer of his day. Bruhn advised him to audition for the Royal Danish Ballet into which he was accepted at the age of seventeen. He was its youngest member and one of the first three non-Danish dancers taken into the company in some three hundred years.

After a year he returned to Canada. His intention being to dance for five more years and then “do something serious”. He danced with the National Ballet of Canada for one year and then received a “professional bursary” for two years from the Canada Council for the Arts, to study dance and choreography in Toronto and New York. During these years he choreographed his first piece for the National Ballet School and then a work the National Ballet Company. It had a cast of sixteen and ran for twenty minutes. A year later he left Toronto.

At twenty-one he returned to London and was taken into the London Contemporary Dance Theatre. He had studied Martha Graham technique in Toronto and New York during the previous four years. He danced, choreographed and taught for the London Contemporary Dance Theatre over five years. Maturing as a dancer he was called “superbly plastic and quick” by the London Times and “possibly the most beautiful dancer in Britain” by the Birmingham Post. While continuing to teach for the LCDT’s school and sometimes appearing as a guest artist he founded his own company; Moving Visions Dance Theatre, in 1976.

In London, after its first performances, the company received a small grant from the Arts Council of Great Britain. However, funding sufficient to support a small, alternative, full-time, fifty-two week a year, company was offered by Northern Arts in Newcastle. The company moved north to be based in Durham. In 1980 the company name was changed to English Dance Theatre. During this period the Yorkshire Post said “McKim has become one of the most accomplished modern dancers in the country and possibly its most beautiful”. He was establishing an austere personal choreographic style particularly in his works for cathedrals. Tours of cathedrals of up to eight weeks (usually a week in each building) had been undertaken since 1976. In 1980 Dancing Times said, “A quiet conviction and dignity of character in choreography which never attempts more than it needs but says it with powerful simplicity.”

In 1982 McKim moved to Canada and set up the Chamber Dance Theatre of Vancouver which was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts during its two years there. Two years later he returned to London and re-established Moving Visions. In 1995 he was appointed Principal and Artistic Director of Rambert School a position he still holds. Moving Visions became a research vehicle concentrating on work for cathedrals and churches. McKim took an MA in dance studies at the University of Surrey in 1990 and a PhD in Theology at Durham University in 2000.

Barry Ganberg


Head of Musical and Choreographic Studies, Resident Composer at The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, London
Associate Artist at Swindon Dance, The National Dance Agency for the South of England

LaGuardia High School of Music and Art, Lincoln Centre, New York City, USA
City University of New York – B.A. in Music, B.A. in Psychology , minor in Philosophy
Composition – John Corigliano
Voice – Sylvia Friedrich
Baritone Horn – Jack Hyatt

Composer for Dance, Theatre and Film
Recording Artist
Solo Artist – Touring worldwide
Director of Music for Moving Visions Dance Company. Present – 1994
Director of Music for Theatre of Motion. 1991 – 1986


Dance Companies, Theatre Companies and Independent Choreographers:
Germaine Acogny (Senegal); Adugna Dance Theatre (Ethiopia); Aura Dance Theatre (Lithuania); Santa Aloi (Canada); Ballet San Marcos (Peru); Scott Clark; Ornella D’Agostino(Italy); Andrew Dawson; Paul Douglas; Dundee Rep Dance Company; Chick Eldridge; Brenda Edwards; Sean Feldman; Neil Fisher; Helen Ganberg; Alan Greig; Hard Metal Soft Bodies Dance Company; Images Dance Company; London Contemporary Dance Theatre; Mzonke Jama (South Africa); Shobana Jeyasingh; Jane Jewel; London Oxford Touring Company; Royston Maldoom; Cecelia McFarlane; Ross McKim; Tamara McLorg; Mime Theatre Project; Moving Visions Dance Company; Helen Parlor; Pete Purdy; The Royal Ballet School; Louise Richards; Patsy Ricketts; Clare Russ; Gavin Robertson Productions; Scottish Dance Theatre; Sixth Sense Theatre Company; Wayne Sleep; Small Bones Dance Company; Janet Smith and Dancers; Kenneth Tharp; Flora Thefain (Togo/France); Didy Veldman; Lucia Walker; Cathy Ward(USA); Anne Went; V-Tol Dance Company; Welsh Independent Dance; XFactor

Community and Youth Groups
Gloucester Youth Dance Company; Lillian Baylis Youth Dance Company; National Youth Dance Company; Northern School of Contemporary Dance Performance Company; Thamesdown Community Theatre Company; Swindon Youth Dance Company; Swindon Youth Dance Acadamy; Swindon People First; The Rambert School Performance Company; Sadlers Wells Youth Dance Company


Residencies, workshops, learning/physical disability:
The Aronlfini Galleries, Bristol; Arts Educational, Tring; Candoco Dance Company; Coventry University New Dance Festival: Cheshire Dance Workshop; Dance United; Dansens Hus, Denmark; Diversions Dance Company; English National Ballet; Glastonbury Dance Festival; International Workshop Festival; La Cogitur, Italy; London Contemporary Dance Theatre; Middlesex University; Phoenix Dance Company; The Museum of Modern Art, Oxford; The Old Vic, Bristol; RJC Dance Theatre; Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet; The Centre for New Dance Development, Holland; The Rambert Dance Company


Second Wind 2009 – A Socio-Cultural Arts Project for the Elderly as part of Vilnius European Capital of Culture Programme in Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania.

Moving Visions Cathedral Dance Research Project – Musical Research Director. Present – 1994. Research into how numinous experience may be demonstrated through the process and empowerment of dance and music pararituals.

Goodrich Castle- a major Dancefest/English Heritage project. 2008

La Danza de la Esperanza – (The Dance of Hope) Lima, Peru. 2006 – 2004. Strategic Development Collaborator and Musical Director for a large scale Arts and Social Development Initiative in collaboration with The British Council, The University of San Marcos/Ballet San Marcos and The Municipality of Los Olivos

Janti – Bi – The International Centre for Traditional and Contemporary African dance, “L’Ecole de Sable” – Toubab Dialaw, Senegal. 2002 – 1999.
Consultant and member of faculty. Initiator of developmental processes for cross-cultural music and dance collaborations encompassing over thirty African nations

Ethiopian Gemini Youth Programme – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 2001 – 1997
Principal consultant for the Ethiopian Gemini Trust’s music programme and interdisciplinary development initiatives. Use of long term vocational training in the arts (music, dance, film making) to empower the community.

East London Dance – 2000. Large scale site-specific work on the A13 motorway, involving 170 participants

V-Tol Dance Company – 2000. Site-specific work at The Royal Festival Hall, London.

Derby Dance – 2000 – 1996. Director and musical director of three large scale site-specific/theatrical productions involving 200 participants.

Steph Hooper – 1999. Research into the role that live musical interaction and modern dance techniques can play, in artistic development of dressage and equestrian professionals..

Black Choreographic Initiative / Royal Opera House Development Initiative – 1998. Musical director and choreographic facilitator for cross cultural and interdisciplinary research and development.

Scottish Dance Theatre –1998. Mentoring the process of choreographic research and development for company members of Scottish Dance Theatre, Scottish Ballet and other leading British choreographers

The Place Theatre –1997. Composed for the Christmas project.

Europaisches Jugend Tanz Festival – 1997. Large scale community dance performance in Diusburg, Germany.


The National Lottery Heritage – 2006. Award to create and perform a musical sculpture celebrating the 200th anniversary of Master Engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

The British Council, London, 2005 – 2004. Grant to develop The Dance of Hope Project, Lima Peru.

Lisa Ullman Travelling Scholarship Fund, 2004. Travel award to explore Peruvian traditional music and work with Ballet San Marcos.

International Education Institute of Saporro, 2003 – 2002. Travel award for seminars given in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.